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Electronic Pipette

Picus & Picus Nxt

  • Uniquely lightweight and compact design maximizes user convenience

  • Superior technology ensures highly accurate and repeatable results

  • Intuitive user interface in a choice of language options for total ease of use

  • Advanced reliability and safety with Picus® NxT for highly regulated environments

  • Single-channel models cover a volume range of  0.2 µl – 10,000 µl, and multichannel models a range of 0.2 µl – 1,200 µl

  • 9 pipetting modes and 7 additional modes

  • Calibration adjustment in 1-, 2- or 3-points

  • Maintenance and calibration reminders

  • Autoclavable lower parts (excl. 1200 μl models)

  • Charging with charging stand or micro USB cable

  • Possible to continue working with USB charging cable connected

  • Li-Polymer battery enables charging in approx. 1 hour

Electronic Pipette

Mechanical Micro Pipette.jpg


  • Optilock, dual locking system

  • Optiject, levered tip ejection system

  • Calibration adjustment with adjustment scale

  • Large clear display with 4-digits

  • Single-channel models cover a volume range of 0.1 µl- 10 000 µl, and multichannel models a range of 0.5 µl – 300 µl

  • Fully autoclavable

  • Optilock, dual locking system

  • Optiject, levered tip ejection system

  • Optiload, spring-loaded tip cones

  • Weight: 70-100 g single-channel models, 140-170 g multichannel models

  • Length: 199-242 mm

  • Air displacement pipetting principle

Mechanical Micro Pipette

Bottle Top Dispenser


  • Premium digital burette for convenient titration

  • Extremely high chemical resistance

  • Smooth and light to operate with soft touch operating wheels

  • Media recirculation system that allows unused media to be recovered from the device and returned to the bottle

  • 360° rotating dispensing head

  • Universal connector at the back of the unit for drying tubes and filters

  • Easy to attach aspiration tube with a secure threaded connection

  • User replaceable valves

  • Supplied with UV-protected replacement window for light sensitive media protection

  • Long life CR2032 battery

  • Easy custom adjustment for various liquids

  • Wide range of accessories

  • Autoclavable liquid pathway

  • Wide range of adapters included to fit most common bottle sizes

Bottle-Top Dispensers

Pipette Controller

Midi Plus

  • Precise finger tip control of variable speed ranges

  • Fits all commonly used 1 - 100 ml glass or plastic pipettes

  • Hydrophobic autoclavable filter prevents from overaspiration

  • Convenient fold-out bench stand supports the unit and pipet when not in use (not available in units sold in the United States)

  • Low battery warnin

Pipetting Controller

Micro Pipette Tips

Pipette Tips

  • Extremely even and durable liquid-repellent surface for optimizing the flow of the liquid while dispensing, for optimum sample recovery. 

  • Useful in the following applications, where such viscous, detergent containing, liquids are often pipetted

  • Ergonomic and light tip attachment and ejection secured by tip compatibility with the Optiload feature of Sartorius pipettes

  • Environment friendly materials used in tips, trays and racks are 100% recyclable or can be incinerated as energy waste

  • Less waste by reusing the fully autoclavable (121 ºC, 20 min) tip racks with refill or bulk tips

  • Easy matching with a suitable Sartorius pipette with colour coded tip trays

  • Improved tip identification and traceability by informative rack labels indicating tip volume, product number, lot number and purity level

Low Retention Pipette Tips


Laboratory Water System

Ultrapure Water System

Dissolution Test Apparatus


Karl Fischer Titrator

Karl Fisher Titrator

Microwave Synthesis

Limulus Color KY Sigle Test

BET Test Kit

Syringe Filters

Syringe Filters.jpg
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